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Dear All
The English Premier League has been suspended until April 3rd, due to the COVID-19 virus threat. I will be keeping you informed of what is happening regarding the Premier League.
Whatever needs to be done to contain the COVID-19 virus, is absolutely necessary. Any sports, music, theatre, cinema events that are cancelled are vital measures to control this virus.
Once the best ever Liverpool manager Bill Shankly was asked if Football was a matter of life and death and his response,

became a famous saying, he said “No, it is far more important than that”

Of course it isn’t and the games will not be allowed to continue until we are at the stage where nobody is going to be put at risk. With no games to report on I am sending a link for you to see pictures of me over the years, on Getty Images.
No funny comments please 🙂  🙂
Please also see a link to a TV programme  called ‘This is Your Life’.
I think that the safest place to be at the moment is in the middle of the Kruger Park, sitting with the peace and quiet and surrounded by the wild.
Please take care, look after yourselves and those around you.
Stay healthy,