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It has been a very interesting first round of Euro 2016, some amazing performances from teams who never even thought they would ever get to a major finals, let alone the last 16. The favourites have not really hit top form yet and it is looking like being a very open tournament with probably eight teams who have a chance of winning it, if they can up their game.

Belgium have an amazing team of individuals, but the total sum of their team performance is less that the individual qualities that the players have, France have scraped through, as have Germany, England, Italy and Spain, the notable performances have come from Iceland and the Republic of Ireland who have surpassed anyones expectations to get to the last 16.

Here are the games in the last 16 stage of the tournament, with my predictions of the teams to go through :-

Switzerland v Poland        –        Switzerland
Wales v Northern Ireland  –        Wales
Croatia v Portugal            –        Croatia
France v Rep of Ireland    –        France
Germany v Slovakia        –        Germany
Hungary v Belgium        –           Belgium
Italy v Spain                    –          Spain
England v Iceland            –        England (easily)

If I was Roy Hodgson the England manager, on the way to every game I would put on the video of the game last month in Germany where the England team came from being 2-0 down against the World Champions to beat them 3-2, I would show the highlights, the players celebrations after the game and then show the celebrations in the pubs back in England, this would show the players that they have to reach this standard of performance to win these Championships and showing them the highlights of that game would certainly get them pumping.

Enjoy the games