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There has been a lot of excitement in England after our national football team beat the World Champions Germany in their own backyard. England had to come from being two nil down to win in the last minute, 3-2

This was a performance full of character, purpose and skill and showed the signs that England are starting to come together as a team.

One of the biggest challenges for an international manager is to try and get his players to replicate their club performances when they pull on their national shirts and time and time again the national managers fail to achieve this, but in Berlin these young players were starting to give the impressson that they were working together as team and for each other and not as individuals being thrown together.

Getting the best out of your national teams is always going to be a challenge, these players will only get together about three or four days before each game, giving them minimal preparation time, they then go back to their clubs for a couple of months before the next international, these players on average will only be together for around 30 days a year.

However I sense that this young group of English players, appear to dismiss the pressures and expectations of the nation and look like they are enjoying themselves.

There were a quartet of Spurs players in the national team against Germany, Danny Rose, Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Harry Kane, and their performances gave the impression that they were combining as well for England as they have been for Spurs, which bodes well for the European Championships this summer.

There is still work to be done, England conceded soft goals, the first was when the keeper Jack Butland got injured, he however tried to clear the ball and when it fell too to Germany, Butland was not able to get back into position quick enough  to save the shot from Kroos. This has sent out a strong message to any aspiring goalkeeper, if you have an injury and you have the ball, just kick/throw the ball out of play and receive treatment, do not like Jack Butland try and be a hero and carry on. Hopefully all future England goalkeepers will learn from Jack’s mistake.

The German second goal was scored due to sloppy defending, with players getting caught watching the ball rather than the man they were marking, England also conceded a third goal, which was a perfectly good goal but was flagged offside, again sloppy defending which Roy Hodgson will have to address.

No one is getting carried away, but the overall performance against Germany has raised the optimism for England’s chances this summer.

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