The eLan Foundation is proud to announce an expansion of our partnership with the New Guelderland Combined School. After sourcing playing kits for their school soccer team, we’re committed to providing them all with boots.

Over the course of 2019, we will be providing “player profiles” on social media. The profiles will include the following information: player’s name, position and shoe size. The idea is to match players with donors, to give every party involved the best possible fit.

The eLan Foundation will be partnering with several notable brand ambassadors such as professional footballers Nyasha Mushekwi and Knowledge Musona, and Tottenham Hotspur legend Gary Mabbutt. Gary had the following to say, when informed of the initiative “I think that the charity initiative is an excellent idea”. He continued “Trying to gain momentum within South Africa is the best way to start”. Many thanks to Gary for the enthusiasm and commitment he constantly displays in trying to help those less fortunate.

One often hears stories of players going for trials at professional teams and being turned away because they don’t have boots. We aim to change that. If somebody has talent, they deserve the opportunity to shine. This campaign will start at our partner school, New Guelderland, and we will expand to incorporate other schools as partners, as this campaign grows and gathers momentum.

As Friends of New Guelderland, we implore you to get involved. Either by donating soccer boots or by sharing the posts. You could brighten somebody’s year and even change their future, with the click of a “share” button. Every contribution counts.

Watch this space for more information, as this exciting campaign unfolds!