Hotel Room Investments

Sectional Title Hotel Suites offer an outstanding investment opportunity and a chance to diversify property portfolios and monthly returns. This option presents the same security of ownership as a traditional buy-to-let property, but without the challenges of short-hold tenancies, the non-payment of rent, maintenance and repairs.

Rooms are fully-furnished and experienced hotel operators take responsibility for their daily upkeep; as well as operating a reservation system to ensure the rooms are strictly rotated and thus, income is equally distributed. A Board of Trustees is set up to manage the overall common property of each hotel and investors receive a room revenue split of the net income, accrued from all room sales (after operating expenses are deducted).

The eLan Group are proud to offer a specialist team of hospitality executives with extensive experience in the hotel investment industry. These experts will assist with your purchase and offer advice on how to maximize your investment, remaining involved long after the rooms are sold out.

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