Firstly, I’d like to personally thank everyone who attended our 2019 International Mauritius Roadshow. The Roadshow was well attended for the most part, with guests being exposed to a range of insights and opportunities from relevant Mauritius industry professionals. If you are interested in investing in property in Mauritius, we can certainly assist, having accumulated significant knowledge over the last 12 years we’ve been within Mauritius.

The Blythedale Coastal Adventure Market continues to move along nicely. We’ve noticed that, among the crowds, many of the marketgoers are families – this is the ideal time in one’s life to view Blythedale Coastal Estate, as BCE is going out of its way to cater for families especially. Speaking of the Estate, the first house is making solid progress, and we expect more homes to commence with construction shortly.

We are also very proud of our yearly title sponsorship of the eLan Gold Cup, which is set to take place on the 27th of July. Mark your calendars and keep an eye open for the launch of ticket sales. We’ll be hosting a VIP event on the day in the Champions Room – we had a great time in 2018, and we look forward to hosting you again (or for the first time) this year.

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