It’s been a great month for eLan since our last newsletter. While still challenging, the eLan Property Group achieved much throughout July and the first half of August.

The eLan Gold Cup took place on Saturday 27 July, and we’re pleased to say that it’s now the second-most widely attended day of horseracing in South Africa. We were very happy with the turnout, and would like to thank everyone who made it, not only to the eLan Hospitality venue in the Champions Room, but across the entire event. Special thanks goes out to everyone at eLan Property Group, Prosport International, and Gold Circle, for all the work that was done behind the scenes to make this event something special.

KZN Toyota Warrior #4, powered by Reebok, took place on the weekend of 20 and 21 July at Blythedale Coastal Estate. It was great to see some incredible men and women come out and participate, in sometimes challenging conditions. Fortunately for me and most of the eLan team, the weather was fantastic on Sunday when we completed the course.

Derek Watts and Carte Blanche recently presented a news piece on the worrying state of property investment in South Africa. However, one of the silver linings we can take was the mention of eThekwini being the only major metro to buck the trend – the North Coast being the best performing region in KZN, with Blythedale Coastal Estate well placed to benefit from this. Something else that emerged is that South Africans are finding that the property market in Mauritius is becoming increasingly attractive.

Kind regards

Mark Taylor