After more than 100 days of lockdown, we are truly facing a new normal, at least for a little while longer. As the saying goes “the only constant in life, is change”. Change is exciting, difficult and comes as part of what we as a development company embrace and live by. We have seen massive shifts on how we do business, how we interact as friends and family and how we as humans meet.

The digital space has exploded, and social media are flooded with messages, images, and opportunities. Products, services, and stories are all vying for our time or resources on a daily basis. When this drastic change was set into motion, we at eLan Property Group took the opportunity to start a weekly webinar. We offered participants a chance to listen to and engage with relevant weekly property discussions led by Derek Watts and a host of industry experts. The webinars continue to be hugely interctive, interesting, and informative, so please have a look at the topic in today’s
newsletter. We highlight our new topics and our newfound webinar partnership with Real Estate Investor Magazine, as our two organisations work together to ensure Let’s Talk
Property and the Virtual Property Masterclass  content of the highest quality to you, the attendee.

We also have amazing video footage of a whale and her calf playing with dolphins, taken on site at Blythedale, which is a truly breathtaking display of the
natural beauty that the North Coast has to offer. To compliment the theme of change, “House 1 Blythedale Coastal Estate”  as we call it, is almost completed and ready for occupation. And,
while it may seem small, the occasion carries with it a true sense of accomplishment and
impending change.

The future for our development also sees the progression of our commitment to the local community with the Shift Africa initiative, a unique program that will see the formation of in
excess of 1000 SMME’s for the area, and massive employment opportunities. We will keep you posted on progress and achievements for this project. We hope you enjoy the newsletter, and we look forward to seeing you out at Blythedale soon. Please stay safe, happy and healthy.

Yours Sincerely
Mark Taylor