How does Resort Hotel Villa Investment (RHVI) work?

 Investing in a Villa in a hotel is just like a “Buy to Let” investment, you buy the Villa with a sectional tile deed in your name and “let” it out to paying guests. The hotel acts as a management company by overseeing the process for the investor through a rental pool agreement.

What are the options open to investors?

  1. Personal usage:

60 days per annum personal usage with an international exchange program linked to 2800 resorts in over 80 countries worldwide. By decreasing the number of nights the investor is allocated, will maximise the hotels income therefore maximising rental returns for the investor.

  1. Pool rental option:

The rental income made from the Villa’s is pooled and a hotel operating cost deducted and the pool distributed equally amongst the villa investors in accordance with their villa square meterage as per signed rental pool agreement.

  1. Guaranteed rental options:

Praia do Cossa offers a guaranteed rental scheme which means that they can provide investors with a secure income for a certain amount of the investment period.

Praia do Cossa will guarantee a 9% gross return on investment upfront for 3 years fixed. Thereafter the rental pool option will automatically take over.

Progress report

Currently Praia do Cossa has completed 13 villas of the 35, with 7 sold.