The Rhino could be extinct in the wild by 2020

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Rhino horn ‘is of no use to anyone except it’s original owner’

In 2015 at least 1305 Rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa.

Recent estimations on the survival of the Rhino, have established that if the Rhino poaching continues at the current rates, then the Rhino will become extinct in the wild by 2020.

All of us have the opportunity, in one way or another to help stop this happening. In an effort to educate the public about the alleged medicinal properties of rhino horn, several scientific studies have been commissioned.

All are utterly conclusive that Rhino Horn has no medicinal properties. The Rhino Horn is made of Keratin, the same substance as our finger nails and our hair, thus chewing our finger nails will give you the same medicinal benefits as drinking a beverage containing some Rhino Horn.



Please see these links below to view the results of the studies on the medicinal properties of Rhino Horn.

The internet is full of different ways in which we can help, however none of them are yet preventing Rhino poaching, perhaps someone reading this has the idea that will stop this brutal and monstrous execution of one of Earth’s greatest mammals.

Huge amounts of money are being paid for a Rhino Horn, one Rhino Horn has the potential to be sold for $300,000.

What is the lure of the Rhino Horn ?

Two of the main areas of the world that are paying huge amounts of money for the Rhino Horn are in China where they hold the belief that the horn will cure cancer, and in Vietnam, where new found wealth amongst the Vietnamese, has meant that the Rhino Horn is being seen as the new party drug, a luxury item and a virility enhancer. It was described by a Vietnamese news site as ‘The Alcoholic Drink of Millionaires’.

All of the above reasons have nothing to do with facts, just the senseless behaviour of some of our species to impress and show off, all at the expense of the Rhino.

With the profits from Rhino Horn sales, the perpetrators have the best technology, ammunition, helicopters and tracking systems, they offer big money to locals who have their ears to the ground on where the Rhinos are and get these people to become their informers, so in my opinion the only way to stop Rhino poaching is to make sure you stop the demand for it.


If the education is not stopping people in China using the Rhino Horn to cure illnesses and the party goers in Vietnam exploiting the Rhino Horn, then maybe some tougher action must be implemented.

There are a number of ideas that have been put forward, but there is no single solution.


Dehorning Rhinos

Dehorning rhinos on it own will not work, the poachers still kill the Rhinos to cut out the stump of the horn, which is still very valuable


Legalizing the Rhino Horn trade

Many conservation groups have expressed concern over the concept of legalizing the rhino horn trade with the key issues being trying to work out how the trade in rhino horn will be regulated.

One of the main reasons for their opposition is that they don’t think it will be enforceable.

History shows that occasional sales of elephant ivory has not reduced poaching for ivory.


Increasing Anti Poaching patrols

Increasing anti poaching patrols using specially trained armed forces, will help to a small degree, but the poachers are also very well trained and well armed.


A Non Lethal Poison injected into the Rhinos Horns

A number of Rhinos in the wild will have their horns injected with a non-lethal poison, the poison will certainly make someone very ill for a time, however it is not fatal, other Rhino’s will be injected with a drug that makes men impotent.

There would be a major Worldwide media release stating the above so that everyone will have got the message through the media or social media that the Rhino Horn contains poison and anybody who uses the Horn will become ill and impotent.

Once this had been implemented, if you are at a party in Vietnam and you are offered Rhino Horn as a party drug, would you be so inclined to accept the offer, if you knew there was a risk of becoming very ill and maybe lose your manhood.

It is illegal to use Rhino Horn, so if someone does get ill by using it, surely it will send out a clear message that the world will not tolerate Rhino poaching and will take drastic measures to stop it.

Injecting poison into the Rhinos Horn with the intention of poisoning somebody, will not be legal, but this is an extreme measure for an extreme situation and if a way could be found to poison the Horns without putting any innocent people at risk, then it should be something that should be seriously considered by Governments to use in their fight against the poachers.

I do not want to be part of the generation, that just stood by, did nothing and watched the demise of the Rhino to extinction.

Click on this link to see a video that I took last year in the Kruger National Park.

A concerted effort must be made to increase the education and awareness surrounding this issue and we all have a part to play in stopping the barbaric act of Rhino poaching.

Ecologically yours


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