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Dear All
I hope that you and your families are keeping fit and well during these unprecedented times.
Here in the UK, we are living in a very surreal atmosphere, everything closed down, apart from essential service workers. Schools, Universities, shops, pubs, restaurants, all being closed by the government, to try and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Having been a type one diabetic for the last 41 years, I am in a high risk grouping, hence I am self isolating for the next three months, only leaving the house to walk the dog in the garden.
The world we are all living in is going through an unparalleled time in history and usually at times of trouble, we all come together to get through the tough times and now we are coming together by self distancing ourselves from fellow human beings, something that is not natural for any of us. But is has to be done, if we listen to all of the guidance we are being given, we will break the spread of this virus, save lives and come out the other side.
Whilst self isolating, I have been finding some old pictures and I wanted to share some with you.
Please see below and I will find more weekly to keep in touch.
The first one was taken by me in the Kruger National Park, when being confronted by a large matriarch elephant, I turned off the engine and just sat there whilst she give me a glare and then strolled on past.
The second picture was when I came across a Lion pride at night, I gave the lions plenty of space between my vehicle and them, but this little cub was very interested and nosy and just walked right up to the side of my Land Rover and I got this very cute picture.
This picture below was taken in Cyprus and is me with Gazza, about to have a table tennis competition, I was leading 14 – 10 and then lost 21-14.
This picture was taken alongside Prince William and Prince Harry, promoting England
at our World Cup bid. I was completely surprised at how tall the Princes were, I wouldn’t like to mark them from corners. They were lovely chaps.
Gary and Prince's.jpg
Have a nice week 🙂
Stay Healthy,