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It is the FA Cup Semi Final weekend coming up, Spurs will play Chelsea and Arsenal will play Man City.

The last time both Spurs and Arsenal were in the Semi-Finals, was in 1991, it was regarded as one of the best Semi Finals ever, so I have found the game and I have put the links below for you to watch.

Just to paint the scene for you – Arsenal were the champions this season and we finished tenth in the league, Arsenal had had a wonderful campaign, only conceding 14 goals during that season and we were finding our feet.
However, we still finished above our opponents this weekend (Chelsea) who finished eleventh in the league.

Arsenal were the clear favourites to win !!

Back in these days, you were never credited with goal assists, but as you are in the game today, I thought that Just for your perusal, I am going to claim some assists for our goals :-):-D:-)

1. Watch me duck as Paul Gascoigne’s free kick was coming for my head, fortunately I ducked and the ball went into the top corner of the Arsenal goal, Gazza has a picture of this moment and still thanks me for ducking, as the greatest ever semi-final free kick would never have happened and I would have had a sore head, had I not ducked.

2. Watch Gary Lineker’s first goal, a lovely interchange of passes between Paul Gascoigne and Paul Allen, allowed Paul Allen to put in a great cross, aimed at me at the far post, I was just getting ready to put the ball into the back of the net, when Alan Smith (who was marking me) got his body in the way to stop me scoring and laid the ball at Gary Lineker’s feet to score.

3. Watch me and Gary Lineker play a couple of one-twos in the center of the pitch before I released Gary to take the ball forward and score our third goal.

Spurs v Arsenal FA Cup first half 1991

Spurs v Arsenal FA Cup second half 1991

EDIT: I have just been informed by someone who has watched the second half of the semifinal game against Arsenal to direct the watchers to the 30.01 minute of the second half, I had completely forgotten about it, but it clearly shows
the confidence of the Spurs side during that game, despite being the complete underdogs.

A Spurs defender wins a lovely tackle and then proceeds to perform a wonderful piece of skill to lift the ball over the
advancing Arsenal player to set up a counter attack (these were the words of the person who contacted me, not mine!!) The person said that they have never seen Messi or Ronaldo win a tackle like this and then perform such a skill!!

Have a good week.