Shift Africa

Empowering Communities by Creating Businesses

Shift Africa in a Nutshell


hift Africa represents a fundamental change in which upliftment is viewed in South Africa. This is a potential solution to “upliftment through ownership”, where small businesses are given the chance to grow and thrive in a system centered on various business hubs. One business hub, for example a residential estate, can be the catalyst for the emergence and sustenance of SMME’s and informal sector businesses in the business hub’s region of operation. We have identified 8 pillars which emerge from each business hub, and from those pillars emerge a range of business activities, each of which can become its own business. Shift Africa assists in the setting up, then provides the training and support which drives these businesses to success, in return for a share of the profit. Shift Africa is not an NGO – the concept is geared towards business and profit, for all parties. Each and every category on the lowest level will be occupied by as many businesses as can be sustainable, preventing over-saturation. Every party is motivated by profit, and the model will be very sustainable. The model is based on 84, which equals 4096, where ownership in each of these businesses is vested in a local community member, thereby uplifting and empowering the community in and around the business hub. 4096 is an estimate of the businesses that can be created or upgraded via the Shift Africa model, per business hub. Shift Africa is formalising the informal sector.

Providing unique opportunities to shift thinking from job creation to real small business ownership per region

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