In a celebration of Youth Day on 16th of June, one of our country’s most significant public holidays, éLan and Simbithi again played host to its annual family fun day. There was entertainment on hand for the whole family, and this was a great day for parents to bond with their kids. There were a few “friendly” competitions for individuals and families to compete in. The list that follows is made up of the winners and runners up in the various categories.

CELL C 4km walk

1st family winner – Photo shoot from Barry Bowditch – Claire and Abby McHugh

2nd winner – Wavepark voucher for 5 people at Gateway – The Stefano family

3rd winner – Cell C voucher with coolerbox – Liah and Olivia Ferreira


CELL C 8km Race

1st Boy – Cell C voucher at Gateway and trophy– Tristan Turner


CELL C 8km Race

1st Man –  Cell C voucher at Gateway shopping and trophy – Evan Robson

2nd Man – Medal – Rory Anderson

3rd Man – Medal – Terence Hope


CELL C 8km Race

1st Lady – Cell C voucher at Gateway and trophy – Sandy Clarke

2nd Lady – medal – Rentia Denissen

3rd Lady – medal – Marie Ackerman


Bay Union Adventure Golf 10-16 years old

1st Winner – Suction bottle classic Huawei and trophy – Kaymaya Moodliar

2nd Winner – medal – Daniel Berlyn

3rd Winner – medal – Connor Dalling


Bay Union Adventure Golf MEN

1st Man – Coffee plunger with coffee beans and trophy – Greg Smith

2nd Man – there was a tie – x2 medals – Royd Williams and Charl Venter

3rd Man – medal – Curt Stefano


BCE catch and release fishing comp

1st Man – cooler box with golf/hand towel and trophy – Royd Wiliams

2nd Man – medal – Asher Wingrove


Tug of War family winners

They win a Spirit of eLan cruise. (The Venter family, Hope family, Peters family, Ferreira family)


Congratulations to these winners and all the participants who joined us to celebrate Youth Day, in what was truly a fun day out for the whole family.