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Fauna, flora and families live in harmony in Ballito’s pioneering Eco Estate

Posted by webmaster on August 17, 2017
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Live among nature and be inspired by the natural environment every day. As a pioneer in Eco Estate development, Simbithi stands out as an alternative way of life among mushrooming Ballito estates.

From the get-go, when the sugar cane farms were initially purchased from the Ladlau family in May 2003, the developers had a vision to turn the 440ha property into a protected area where natural flora and fauna would thrive. Upfront planning and well-articulated guidelines were formulated under the guidance of an expert environmental consultant.

Restrained development and sensitivity to the habitat have preserved the lush vegetation endemic to KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast. Indigenous coastal forest, natural wetlands, numerous dams, and wild grasslands characterise the Eco Estate. Residents also play their part, subscribing to the ethos of environmental respect in their landscaping, architectural design and environmentally responsible behaviour.

Landscaping Nature’s Way

Armed with a detailed understanding of the estate’s soil types, prevailing winds, slope characteristics and typical weather conditions, landscapers are off to an advantaged start. Working with the Eco Estate’s guidelines, owners are encouraged to express their own design philosophy and work with the soil and microclimates within their boundaries.

Only locally indigenous plant species outlined in the Simbithi Eco Estate planting palette are permitted within the Eco Estate. Because nature takes precedence, wildlife migration patterns are not restricted and at least five of the minimum 65 indigenous plant species planted must serve as buck feeding.

The rewards of being environmentally sensitive are plentiful. Red, grey and blue duiker, bushbuck and common reedbuck roam free. The diverse habitat attracts abundant birdlife, adding to the natural sights and sounds of Simbithi Eco Estate.

It’s not only nature that thrives in this balanced, natural environment. Serenity permeates the Eco Estate which has become highly sought-after, especially for young families with children. Exploring the Eco Estate is a safe, fascinating adventure for Children.

Architectural Guidelines

Following the Eco Estate’s architectural guidelines, homes are clothed in the colours of nature and blend into the landscape. Space to breathe is guaranteed by enforced building restrictions.

Simbithi Eco Estate offers freehold land purchasers large spacious plots that average 1500m – with 35 percent coverage – ensuring homes are well spaced out. With a minimum of 6m between the buildings and boundary line, neighbours have ample privacy. And, almost uniquely among these estates, there’s no time limit on building a home. Other residential options include lock-up-and-go apartments.

Recycling Facilities

Enabled by recycling facilities, residents are accustomed to separating their waste into different categories for collection. Instead of filling up landfill sites, glass, cardboard, tins and plastics are kept separate, making it easy for waste to be re-purposed. These environmentally-friendly habits are incorporated into daily life and play an important role in reducing modern living’s negative impact on the environment.

From the outset, the natural habitat has been the focal point for development at Simbithi Eco Estate. Fourteen years on, the value of this approach has been proven. Property on the Eco Estate is in high demand with residents enjoying the lifestyle and realising attractive returns on their properties.

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