2019 January Newsletter

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A new year comes with new challenges and real chance to make changes. I always enjoy the early part of a new year, where everyone around me seems to be filled with a new energy and excitement. This new energy is a real chance to do bigger and better things and we at eLan are embracing the new year and putting effective plans in place to drive the business and our developments.

Simbithi Eco-Estate (where our eLan Sales Office is based) continues to enjoy regular sales, aided by the fantastic work of our sales team. More beautiful homes are being built in this beautiful and safe setting, where they blend seamlessly with nature, and ensure people coexist with the environment. Simbithi has proven to be the estate of choice for those wishing to enjoy an unparalleled family lifestyle.

The North Coast continues to be a great investment and lifestyle choice for property-buyers. Various projects in this area are starting to take shape. With Blythedale Coastal Estate being one of our main projects, it is with great excitement that we can share with you an important development announcement.

We will of course be continuing with the Blythedale Coastal Adventure Market, which takes place on the first Sunday of every month. The market is proving to be a great success; with thousands of people having enjoyed the market, entertainment and adventure that we are offering. If you have not yet visited us at the market, then put it on your to-do list and pop in for a morning or stay the day – it’s worth the effort. Whether you’re there to entertain your family, or to view investment opportunities, or both – we can provide a meaningful day away from the city. The market will have a monthly focus and theme, with the first Sunday of each month catering for our diverse clientele: from Gin Festivals to Toys for Boys.

Mauritius is continuing to be a great investment opportunity for South Africans and those further afield. This is further highlighted in the following overview.

With summer now in full swing and the daylight hours extended to well after 7pm, there can be no better way to enjoy the East Coast of Africa than to take a fishing trip or pleasure cruise on our powered catamaran, the Spirit of eLan. The Spirit of eLan caters for 20 people and can be used for personal or business cruises to entertain your family, friends, visitors, or clients. A business/leisure cruise to build relationships has proven to be a successful model.

Yours Sincerely

Mark Taylor

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