Blythedale Coastal Estate Featured in Investment KZN

Trade & Investment KZN recently launched their KwaZulu-Natal Investment Opportunities information for 2019. This highlights some of the most exceptional, exciting and prominent investment opportunities in the Zulu Kingdom – both for large- and small-scale investors. This information is a practical guide for anybody with investment foresight.

KZN – A Popular Investment Destination

South Africa still remains an attractive investment destination. The country is ranked 21st in investor protection. Financial markets are also developing well comparatively, with South Africa in 44th place according to these criteria, as of 2018. Property in certain areas of South Africa is performing well, relative to the rest of the country. Property hotspots especially include numerous locations in the Western Cape, as well as a growing number in KwaZulu-Natal, primarily the North Coast.

KZN is one of the biggest contributors to South Africa’s GDP. This province is second only to Gauteng, which contributes a third of the nation’s wealth. Since the development of King Shaka International Airport, KwaZulu-Natal has become increasingly attractive and accessible as an investment destination, both for SA citizens and international investors. Numerous areas of natural beauty make it ideal for a relaxed lifestyle and eco-tourism. Additionally, the province’s status as a major role-player in the manufacturing, agricultural, transport and logistics sectors make it an economic hub.

This province is home to two of Africa’s largest and busiest ports, Durban and Richards Bay. Strategically placed between the two is Blythedale Coastal Estate. Blythedale Coastal Estate is located midway between Africa’s busiest harbour at Durban (to the south) and the world’s largest dedicated coal terminal at Richard’s Bay (to the north). The section of North Coast that is Blythedale Coastal Estate is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the entire country. Located a mere 25 minutes from King Shaka, the development is conveniently situated for investors, tourists, and semigrated homeowners. Semigration occurs when somebody from Johannesburg, for example, decides to keep working there but to live in Durban and commute. Families will enjoy the luxury of an unparalleled lifestyle, with gated security and environmental conservation allowing residents to experience the full potential of the Estate’s natural splendour.

Green, Luxury Living at Blythedale

Blythedale is one of the featured Investment Opportunities showcased by Trade & Investment KZN. The Estate can be found alongside other catalytic developments, such as Dube Tradeport, Durban Eye, Durban Film City, Durban Waterfront, Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone, Tinley Town Integrated Development, and Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre. These all highlight the tremendous growth that KZN, and particularly the North Coast, is currently experiencing. Trade & Development KZN gives a concise summary of all the featured developments, 30% of which are located on the North Coast. Some of the outlined aspects of Blythedale include the R16 billion investment value, the unique lifestyle opportunity for over 5000 homeowners, and the 125 000 temporary and permanent jobs that have been/will be created by its completion. The Estate will be developed around 320 ha of indigenous coastal forest, and a 2.9 km stretch of river, which culminates in a lagoon bordering the 3.2 km stretch of gold sand beaches. Construction is under way, and is set to escalate in the coming months.

Investing at Blythedale Coastal Estate, in cognisance of the brilliant opportunity, is the sign of a perceptive buyer. Investing early, allowing for them to see better returns than late adopters, is the sign of a savvy investor. The flexible green energy, technological and architectural solutions will make you an innovative homeowner.

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