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Durban, we have some exciting news for you! eLan Property Group and GameOn Card have officially sponsored all ‪‎Durban referees with bright pink shirts. According to Rugby legend and GameOn Card CEO, John Allan, one of the reasons why the colour pink was chosen was because “real men wear pink!”

eLan and GameOn have sponsored the Durban referees, as both companies believe that referees are a vital part of Rugby as well as all sports for that matter and are unfortunately often forgotten. With eLan being interested in property, people and giving back and GameOn focusing on sports and giving back to the community, an AIDS awareness and Breast Cancer ribbon are visible on the new shirts. ELan and GameOn’s logos are found in the front and back, with a Blythedale Coastal Resort Logo on the arm of the shirts. Blythedale is one of eLan’s developments down the North Coast.

One of the Durban Referees posted a positive status on Facebook regarding the new shirts. “I am looking forward to reffing my 1st game of the year tomorrow and I will also be the first to wear the new sponsored kit. A big thank you to John Allan from the GameOn Card and Mark Taylor from eLan Property Group for coming on board with the sponsorship of the new kit. It is a privilege to have your brands on the field with us as Durban Rugby Referees!” – Noel Johnson (February, 3rd).

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