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We are always looking for investment opportunities offering good return with minimum risk. It’s a growing trend for South African investors to look more widely for stable, secure markets where they feel their investments are ‘future-proof’.

Informed by a keen understanding of investors’ unmet needs, eLan Property Group CEO, Mark Taylor, has taken a quintessential marketing approach and fashioned the company’s Mauritius offering around market demand.

The traditional real estate approach has been to ‘push’ a development on to investors. “We’re going against the grain here,” says Taylor, “by introducing a range of options to delegates.”

The group has built up a considerable network of contacts and a body of knowledge about the island. “From my personal experience, I’ve seen the hurdles South Africans encounter when trying to, for example, set up a business, or open a bank account, in Mauritius.”

eLan tapped into the group’s expert network to create eLan Property Group’s first Mauritius Investment Roadshow.

A mixture of business, networking and experiencing the superb Mauritian lifestyle, the first group of delegates has returned brimming with positive feedback, informed and enthusiastic about opportunities on the island.


Diverse mix of delegates

Due to its broad appeal, the roadshow attracted a diverse group from around the country, each packing their dreams and aspirations, as well as burning questions along with their island gear.

Buying property is just one aspect of what Mauritius has to offer. “Property is just one piece of the puzzle for South Africans investing in Mauritius. They want to know more – about residency and how it’s obtained, starting a business or a branch, retiring on the island, opening a bank account,” says eLan’s Sales and Development Director, Andrew Thompson.

The cornerstone of financial security lies in property ownership.  The Mauritian government is successfully attracting increased inflows of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into their growing economy. Jumping from MUR 9.7 billion in 2015 to MUR 13 billion in 2016, 80% of which is in real estate.


A valuable, lived learning experience

Site visits, presentations and one-on-one time with experts gave delegates the opportunity to ask their questions and get an in-depth, personal understanding. Feedback has highlighted “the breadth and depth of the offering in terms of speakers, contacts and visits” as one of the most valuable aspects of the experience.

Having done the research and legwork ourselves, delegates benefit by gaining “access to info that would have taken months to find”.

Other delegates found the “route from procurement to financing and information on residency” most useful.

For another, the most valuable aspect was “gaining an understanding of the property investment landscape and opportunities in relation to the Mauritian laws. Specifically around foreign ownership, residency options and related legal and statutory considerations.”

The Mauritius government is implementing an inspiring strategy to encourage economic growth which is projected to increase from 3.5% in 2016 to 3.8% in 2017. Even more encouraging is that growth is skewed towards fixed capital investment rather than short-term consumption-driven gains. Visitors to the country get to experience that first-hand.

Political and economic stability, personal security and favourable property investment schemes for non-citizens are particularly attractive to South African investors.

Future plans and opportunities

The first roadshow proved the value of the experience which has generated overwhelmingly positive responses.  We will definitely be scheduling more. Our next Roadshow will be in early December, before the holiday rush.

At the top of eLan’s real estate schedule is their apartment development in Moka Smart City. Units of 2 and 3 bedroom are available, with a starting price of around R2.4 million. With floor areas of 67.15 m2 and 97.70 m2, apartments in Moka give residents access to a contemporary live, work, play lifestyle in a booming real estate sector.

Whether you are considering residential, commercial, retail, light industrial, or hotel type investments, consider the next roadshow.

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